The short answer is typically 36 mows a year. To break it down, we start in March with bi-weekly mowing. From April until the end of October we mow every week. During the remainder of the time from November until February we mow once per month. However, all lawns are different some may need more or less mowing.

We offer two different options. The first is a pay per visit, so after our visit the payment is due immediately. The second option which most of our clients prefer is a set monthly price. This option allows you to pay a fix amount per month, which will save you from worrying about the extra costs when there are five weeks in a month.

It's actually quite simple, we take the cost to mow your yard and multiple it by 36 cuts per year, and then we divide it by the 12 months in a year. For example, if it costs $30 to mow your yard, we will multiply 30 by 36. This will give us $1,080, and after we divide it by 12 months it comes out to $90 a month.

No! We do offer per visit cuts at no additional cost. On our monthly payment plans we do require a contract. However, if you are not happy with our service and we can't make you happy we don't want to force you to stay. Therefore, to get out of the contract all you have to pay is the difference between the amount you paid us and the amount of the actual services performed. For example, it costs $30 mow your yard, and we had mowed it 8 times, for a cost of $240. Let's say your monthly payment was $90, and you had your service for two months; therefore, you have already paid us $180. We will take the $240-$180, and you will owe us $60.

We truly hope this never happens! However, if you are not satisfied give us a call and we will come back at no additional charge to make any necessary changes.

Do you have a question not listed here? If so, feel free to call us or send us a message.